About Hostinec

About us

We brew different world styles of beers, and also we like to experiment. We carefully choose our suppliers of malts, and we combine their colours. We aren’t sparing the hop, either – it is always in the smell as well as in the taste. The beers are not pasteurized, nor filtered. That’s why our beers are always lively, will all the healthy and beneficial nutrients preserved. No technologies to speed up the process are used, neither are concentrates, colorants or conservants.

One of the inspirations for establishing a brewery was the fact that the oldest brewery in Košice was right in this house. Of course, beer was brewed differently in the 17th century – we use the modern, three-container Czech style brewery that is used mainly for infusing batches as large as 5 hl.


Our team


Peter Škripko 


Marek Schultz


Mgr. Zuzana Čverčková

How our beer is brewed

  • Grinding and washing
    Grinding and washing
    Everything must be perfectly clean. Only then we can guarantee the full taste of beer and its quality.
  • Filtration and brewing
    Filtration and brewing
    Brewing of the beer is done in a fully-controlled brewhouse, where we precisely monitor the entire process.
  • Fermentation
    We add yeast in the process to fulfil their job in turning sugars into alcohol.
  • Bottling and maturing
    Bottling and maturing
    After ripening the beer is maturing to increase its potential. Then it’s brought on tap or put into bottles.


  • 15th century
    15th century
    is the time when the Levoča house appeared in Košice. It belongs among the oldest secular buildings in the city and its first known older was Juraj Szatmáry.
  • Year 1604
    Year 1604
    Indicates a brewery in the rear side of the Levoča house. It became the oldest city brewery and got reconstructed in the 19th century.
  • Year 1626
    Year 1626
    Symbolizes the wedding of Brandeburská and Bethlen, who tied the knot in these premises with a grand feast. Our beer BB Love is brewed in their honour.
  • 21st century
    21st century
    Only in 2001 was the Levoča house bought by a private owner. Since January 2015, Pivovar Hostinec has its place here under the management of Peter Škripko.


Small gothic

The room of Small Gothic offers a nice atmosphere for events with smaller number of guests. You can still enjoy a good pint of beer and a delicious cuisine. It’s a hall equipped with TV and 32 seats for dinner parties and 40 seats for a cinema-like arrangement.

Great gothic

Under the gothic arches of almost 500-year-old restaurant you can enjoy family gatherings as well as company events – we also provide a projector. For dinner parties, the room can serve for 42 guests, while a cinema-like arrangement can host up to 60 guests.

Tasting room

UNDER CONSTRUCTION! After completion, we will love to host guests even in our newest premises. The tasting room is not only for those who crave for tastes and fragrances of good beverages, but also for those who want more privacy in their gatherings.